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Monday, December 10, 2012

App Happy

Since upgrading from a Blackberry to an iPhone this summer I've been in my own little heaven! It goes without saying that it has changed my life... but I'm saying it any way. It has changed my life!

Before my iPhone I carried a cell phone, a still camera, and a Flip video camera. For the every day snap a quick picture, or a quick video for my blog, Facebook, or Twitter, my iPhone is all I need.

With my Blackberry I couldn't access a lot of cool apps, now I'm just as appy as can be (pun intended). Runkeeper keeps track of the miles I walk, using a GPS. It also calculates the calories burned and tracks my personal records.

The myplate component of the Livestrong app allows me to log the calories from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, as well as calories burned from exercising.

I'm not a big game player, but Words with Friends is one of my all time favorite apps! I currently have games going with my roommate from college, and a friend from Jr. high/high School who I haven't seen since high school.

My absolute favorite right now is the AllRecipes app. I have literally thousands of recipes in the palm of my hand, and that really excites me! I can search for recipes, add them to my favorites, or even tap to create a grocery list of the ingredients.

I have SEVERAL other apps, and I'm always looking for more cool apps to improve, enhance, or make my life much easier. Do you have favorite apps, and how do they make your life easier, simpler, better?


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