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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Into The Future

When I was a kid, pre-cell phone era, our phone looked like this...
Not only was it not pretty, it was not cordless. We had THE longest phone cord that stretched through three rooms. That was the only way we could get away from prying ears. On a few occasions, after being dropped several dozen times, my mother would take it back to AT&T. She'd return with the ANOTHER black phone, just like the previous one. Yes, there were prettier phones... but we never had one.
During a time when Star Wars, and Star Trek gave us hope of future technology, we used to fantasize about the day we'd see the person we're talking to on the phone. That day is here and yesterday, my mom and I Face Time with each other.
This summer I became a member of #teamiPhone, and recently both of my parents have as well. I don't know which I'm most tickled about... them getting iPhones, or wanting to Face Time.
Technology has afforded us a number of opportunities, and access to information that 20 years ago did not exist. I'm looking forward to what the next 10 years has to offer.
I still can't believe my parents have iPhones, are are Face Timing!


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