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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time For A New Look

I've had the above picture as on my blog header, as my Twitter avi for at least two years. Only recently Facebook profile picture was changed. I'm sure that picture is somewhere else as well...

It's time for a new look!

Don't get me wrong, I like the picture but I want a change. Change is good! My kids change their avi's on Twitter all the time, heck my sons Twitter handle changes with the seasons! I'm not going to change my Twitter handle, but I definately want to change my avi and profile pictures.

Recently my baby girl and I did had an impromptu photo shoot with my still fairly new iPhone4. But I'm not sure if I want to use any of those pics. We were just outside of the house playing around. I would like something a little more purposeful, and not in front of my house.

Although I'm not looking to have a professional photo shoot, I would like to be in a great location, for a nice background. Because of some of the profile and avi pictures I've seen I'm very careful how I want mine to look.

I strongly dislike bathroom profile and avi pics. They are the worst. I'm not talking about the ones just in the mirror, but the ones in the mirror and where the rest of the public bathroom can be seen. Or... where you can see the toilet or sink their sitting on. In the words of Tamar Braxton... That ain't hot! Of all the places to take a profile pic, skip the bathroom.

This weekend I'm on a mission. I'm going to do my hair , put on a little make up, and have one of my kids take my picture... all over town.


Stacie Sayz So said...

Look forward to seeing the results!

Krystal Grant said...

I love the new pic. And the outfit is great. I love red pants. I need new profile pics because mine are well over 6 months old. but I always take bathroom pics so I don't need to be posting those. LOL

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