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Monday, October 15, 2012

Beignet, Done That

My Daughters were crazy busy this summer traveling to Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, and New Orleans. All summer I looked forward to the New Orleans trip. Although the the purpose of the trip was the Basketball On The Bayou tournament, my mission was beignets!

Beignet (pronounced ben-yay) is the French term for fritter, and often called a doughnut. French colonist of the 18th century brought there recipes and traditions of making them to Louisiana.

After being in New Orleans for several days, having watched several basketball games, and had authentic Louisiana gumbo, we finally made our way to the French Quarter and Bourbon St. I had every intention of having beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde, but while on Bourbon St. we came across Cafe Beignet.

Cafe Beignet serves fresh beignets, live music with a swinging jazz  atmosphere that drew me right in.
Once we received our beignets, I couldn't eat them. It was late and wasn't feeling the best. My girls had no problem devouring my portion. They said they taste like funnel cakes. Not having them while in New Orleans, means I have to make them.

Immediately after returning from New Orleans, I was on the hunt for a beignet recipe. I've found several, but went with Paula Deen's  French Quarter Beingnets. Do I have to tell you they were DELICIOUS!
My girls said they tasted, just as good as the authentic beignets they had on Bourbon St. Watch out Paula Deen!

Below are a few other versions of beignets that may interest you.


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