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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Digging Up Holes

Mr. Husband puts a lot of time and effort into our yard, and it looks good. He mows, trims and edges, waters and fertilizes the yard to a beautiful green lawn.

About two weeks ago utility workers sprayed a line starting at the house on the corner, ended in the yard next door. That's five yards. Last week they dug a huge hole in the yard two houses over. They eventually made it to our yard with shovels and dug two small holes. Whew!

Yesterday those men and that digger (I don't have a clue what's it's really called), made it's way to our yard. They dug a little, and then more and more. When they were finished... they left the machine in our yard over night. That means they're not finished, and will be back.

I felt sorry for my husband. He's going to have his work cut out for him to fix the mess they've created.


agapewoman said...

They leave a complete mess when they dig, my yard has orange lines in it from my recent change of cable companies.

Krystal Grant said...

Now that is a mess. I'm not one for yard work, but I would certainly be angry if they came digging up my lawn. I hope they are done by now.

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