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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blogalicious Recap - Part 1

Mario Armstrong via
Digital lifestyle expert, and Blogalicious12 speaker

There was so much great information and fun at Blogalicious12, I couldn't possibly put it all into one post. It would be way too long, and you wouldn't read it. So I thought I'd give you spoonfuls at a time so that you're able to process it better, and get out of it what I did.

I'm also not going in chronological order. Don't know why but...

Saturday morning kicked off with Kellogg's breakfast and speaker Mario Armstrong, "From Free to Free." Mario is a digital lifestyle expert, and TV commentator for the Today Show, CNN, and HLN. He's also won an Emmy, you can read more about him, his bio is very impressive!

Instead of me going on, and on about his presentation you can see for yourself! He's posted the slides from his presentation "From Free to Fee" on his website. Make sure you check out the 21 Day Challenge. I'm officially starting today, but before he went to his seat I was starting my list for number four. It's not as easy as I though it would be.

I made five copies of the 21 Day Challenge, and posting it in key places: On the refrigerator, my bedroom mirror, home desk, office at work, and in my car. Will you take the challenge?


Kathy Sykes said...

Thanks so much for adding the slides from Mario's presentation. I am soooo inspired. If you don't mind, if you and any other bloggers you know are taking the 21 day challenge, I would like to have some accountability partners. Who knows, we may be able to grow with each other. We all have strengths and weaknesses that we can help each other with. It's time to move from FREE to FEE. We are too smart and well-rounded to not achieve our goals.

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