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Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Like To Party

1. Roasted vegi's Viva Las Ladies Welcome Party
2. Petite turkey sandwiches - Tea Party
3. Petite Key lime pie, with meringue - Tea Party

I went to Blogalicious12 with the expectation of being inspired. I was not disappointed!

Although Blogalicious is a social media conference, and I did come away with loads of inspiration to reach the masses... I was also inspired by the food!

For a while now, I've wanted to host a "real" dinner party. Friday's Tea Party (sponsored by Sears Shop Your Way), and the Viva Las Ladies Welcome Party (sponsored by McDonald's) was ubber inspiring. From the cocktails, selection and presentation of food, music and atmosphere everything was PERFECT!

This month is the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff's Homecoming. More than a dozen family members have graduated from UAPB, and I currently have two children attending, as well as a nephew. It's like "Our" school. Anywhoo... I was thinking, Homecoming is a great opportunity to host a get together/party/soiree.

This is a rough sketch of what I'm thinking... Since it's October it won't be hot or cold, this party can be inside and outside on the patio. I'd like to have a nice mix of music, three generations of Golden Lions will be represented at this party. Instead of just canned drinks, I'd like to have a nice themed mocktail or two.

When it comes to food, I'd like to keep it simple with easy to put together foods, that can be eaten with your hands. This party is centered around football, so there has to be some barbecue, or turkey legs, but I'm open.

With three full weeks until Homecoming... I'm in full research and planning mode. Do you have any tips for party and event planning?


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