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Monday, August 13, 2012


Photo Credit: Reuters
This summer, I've watched more of the Olympic Games than I EVER have. My family and I have watched water polo, diving, handball, table tennis, basketball, as well as Misty May-Traynor and Kerri Walsh Jennings win their third gold medal in beach volleyball, and Serena do her dance after her goldslam. Gabby Douglas' all around performance for gold had us on the edge of our seat and cheering.

I'm going to buy everything with Gabby's face on it! I'm hoping she'll have a doll that I can buy for my Sugababies.

My family's favorite events have been track and field. We cheered with pride as Michael Tinsley, also from Arkansas, won silver in the 400 meter hurdles. Although Usain Bolt is not from the United States, we cheered for him as well.

The event I will remember FOREVER is the women's 4x100 meter relay race. We sat around the television and cheered like we had lost our minds as Bianca Knight, Allison Felix, Tianna Madison, and Carmelita Jeter won the gold medal, and set new world record in the process. It was amazing!!!

What was your favorite Olympic12 events?


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