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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gym Flow

Recently Mr. Husband surprised us with a family gym membership. With my still fairly new iPhone 4, I can listen to music while I work out. It is so hard for me not to sing along with my music! I don't want to be "that person" in the gym everyone is looking at, because I'm loud and all off key. My daughter says that my humming is even loud. I CAN'T HELP IT!!!

The play list I listened to early this week was great. Contemporary Gospel gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to keep at it. Being there by myself, I didn't have any of my family to tell me to be quiet, I was very conscious of my humming. I think I only got one look. Pretending I didn't see it, I turned my volume down.

I have a suggestion... Everyone listening to music in the gym should hum, or sing out loud with their music. A gym should be a little noisy with a chatter, music or something! I'm just saying.

While riding the elliptical machine this is what I listened to...

Take Me To The King, by Tamala Mann

Throw My Hands Up, by James Fortune

Put It On The Alter, by Jessica Reedy
My girls and I sang this song recently at church. It's one of my favorites.

Today, by Kirk Franklin

I Am, by Kirk Franklin

Sitting With Me, by  Mary Mary

What music do you like to work out to?


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