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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Favorite Holiday

The kids having a ball
My favorite holiday has to be our Family Reunion. I know it's not a national holiday, but for me it qualifies.

Last weekend we attended our family reunion. It's not that we chose the most awesome locations in the most amazing cities, or have the greatest adventures and events planned. Actually it's all very simple. We always go back to the place of our roots, "down home," and do the same things. But when we get together we have the most amazing time talking, laughing, and having fun.

After dinner Saturday, the kids were running around playing, and the grownups were laughing, and talking... I stood back and watched all the interaction. I thought to myself, this is better than a holiday. That's when I realized it is a holiday, our family's personal holiday, and my favorite.

The above picture is me at Blue Lake, where the kids fish. This place is the most beautiful and tranquil, like something right out of a movie. One of my younger cousins said, "This was the best one yet." I thought that about last year, and looking forward to next year.

What's your favorite holiday, or family get together?


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