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Friday, July 20, 2012

In A Fog

For a while now I’ve felt like I’ve been losing my mind, or more so my memory. I can’t remember squat, and started calling what I’m experiencing ‘brain farts.’

I’m a college instructor, and standing before my class lecturing and not being to recall particular words is embarrassing. At one time, my students teased I was going through caffeine withdrawals. Actually, I’ve become very concerned, and have made notes to discuss with my doctor next month at my regular visit.

If I don ‘t write it down, I won’t remember.

Just a few days ago, I picked up the August issue of Essence Magazine, and the article Hope For The Change, has given me an overwhelming sense of hope. I may be experiencing ‘brain fog,’ instead of farts. In the article Pauline Maki, says this fog stems from perimenopause, a combination of sleep disturbance and midlife hormonal changes.

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