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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cough, Cough, Cough

This week marks five weeks that I've a most irritating cough. It started really simple on a Sunday, with a little cough and scratchy throat. Each day it got progressively worse. By Thursday, I was feeling terrible, was hoarse and coughing like I had tuberculosis.

Having enough, I called my doctor... with no appointments available she called in a Z-pack, and cough medicine. The cough syrup gave me some relief for a while, and helped me rest really well, it was the good stuff!

I thought for sure by Saturday, I'd be better... WRONG! As soon as the cough syrup wore off, the cough came back, and my voice was getting worse. Mr. Husband said I sounded like Froggy from 'Little Rascals.' The worst part, I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, which sent me to the emergency room.

To make a long story short, after a trip to the ER, I had more medicine, and was sent to the doctor. Finally, she said my problem is sinus drainage. What the what? I don't have sinus problems AT ALL, and haven't sniffed, or blew my nose one time.

The coughing is worse at night, keeps me and Mr. Husband awake. It has also triggered a migraine. Yeah, it's been that bad! Lately I've drank more water than I ever have, along with hot tea and anything else I thought would ease this cough.

One night I made a concoction/tea. I simmered together in a pot, a third of an orange with the peel (we didn't have lemons), a hunk of ginger, and peach tea bag. It tasted okay, and made me feel good for awhile.

After my eye started swelling out of the blue a few days ago, I started taking Benadryl. Turns out it works for my cough as well. So every 6 - 8 hours I've been taking Benadryl. I'd rather not take another medicine, but I'm willing to try anything to stop the cough, even home remedies!

Until I see the doctor again, do you have any home remedies that may work?


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