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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Special Treatment

In April Justice Fergie hosted {re}Treat Yourself Getaway at Lansdowne Resort. Although I couldn't make it, I kept up with the Twitter timeline #reTreatUrself, and took advantage of the information shared.
I started thinking... When was the last time I treated myself, or even Mr. Husband? I couldn't remember. With the end of the semester wrap up... finals, grades, graduation along with the softball games, weekend basketball games, end of year banquets, I am feeling the need for special treatment.

Usually, when I have a day to myself I stay at home, and pull out my favorite movie, The Color Purple. I  always buy takeout lunch from my favorite Chinese restaurant, have a Coca Cola, and Chessmen Cookies for dessert.

It's time for me to do something different... break out of my comfort zone. Instead of committing to the same old routine... I'm considering driving somewhere else to shop a little, buy something for ONLY me, and Mr. Husband. Lunch will be somewhere I've NEVER eaten, and I have somewhere in mind. I've even considered going to a spa.

I'm having a great time considering all the possibilities. How do unwind, or treat yourself?


MOMSWEB said...

Since I'm at home by myself during the day, I try to have ME moments. I love to eat, so having a nice meal in front of the television watching what I want to watch is a treat for me. I try to do this when I take a break from working. Nothing special, but it's special to me.

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