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Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Friday

Things have finally started to... for lack of a better phrase, taper off. I feel like I can breath again. Although our summers are usually pretty busy, the end of the school year can be crazy! Last week my daughter's high school softball team played in the first round of the State's 6A tournament, which ended their season. Baby girl made cheerleader for next school year. That's not an ending, more like the beginning of her summer.

Tuesday, I turned in ALL of my grades, thus ending my semester. Each year I tell myself I'll do better, and not get so stressed out. It still hasn't happened, maybe next time. Wednesday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I know, I know... for a while now I've said I'm 26. My oldest daughter will be 23 this summer, I figure I have to move up a little. Soon she'll just have to go around!

I had the BEST birthday ever! I walked five miles, and Mr. Husband treated me to a birthday lunch of my favorite... shrimp! Oldest daughter gave me a gift set of my favorite perfume, Daisy, and I rested the rest of the day. Great day!

Lets back up to last week. I didn't want to say anything, but now I absolutely must! I started walking, and cutting back. No, not a diet, just cutting back! I started walking four miles, and on my birthday this week, added a mile! Keeping track of my food intake at has really helped. I made a commitment to lose two pounds a week.

With Live Strong's My Plate, keeping up with my calories it was easier than I thought. I've never been a calorie counter, but this works. After entering information, and how much weight I want to lose per week, it gave me just how many calories to consume each day to achieve my goal. Monday morning, I stepped on the scale two pounds lighter. You would have thought I had won the lottery.

This summer... I'm losing that 10 pounds I gained last summer!


Kenya G. Johnson said...

This morning, I looked at Spanks bathing suits online. All I need to do is what you closed with. Cheers (with water) to another summer shedding the midsection.

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