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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ideas Out of Thin Air

Many writers, including blogger's experience writer's block. Writing on demand, day after day, or several times a week becomes increasingly difficult. After a while, the well of ideas start to run dry. Trying to negotiate world peace may seems easier than pulling a writing idea out of thin air.

Ideas are everywhere! In fact, after a conversation with Krystal Grant a few days ago, I had the idea to do a month long series... an "idea clinic," Tuesday's, in April, starting next week. By then I hope to come up with a clever name.

Through the idea clinic, we'll cultivate fresh, and interesting writing ideas for (using a Blogalicious11 workshops title) Kicka$$ Content.

What you'll need to participate... an idea notebook, open mind, and at least 30 minutes one day a week to complete an exercise.


MrsTDJ said...

Hmm, sounds interesting. I'm in!

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