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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Signs of Spring

This has been the warmest March, recorded in Arkansas, and because of it, Spring has sprung early! My house is surrounded by beautiful pink, and white azaleas. I love being greeted by them when I pull into the driveway.

Yesterday, as I was walking to the front door I noticed this beautiful butterfly hopping from flower to flower. Of course I had to have a picture. He was patient, and hung around for me to scramble through my purse and dig out my camera. I was able to get just close enough to take this picture.

Updated March 30

Today... bees were buzzing from flower to flower. Again, I whipped out my camera, and eased in really close, instead of zooming in. For my effort I was able to capture this picture of a bee, without getting stung.

More reasons why I love spring so much!


KRystal Grant said...

Spring, spring, go away! I can't stand the pollen, and the bugs. I'm missing winter already!

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