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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Crud Caught Me

Okay, I'm sick. There... I said it. After fighting hard trying to be the "healthy" one, and take care of everyone else I have joined the ranks of the sick.

It has been officially confirmed Mr. Husband and I have the flu. We have prescriptions (plural), and directions to rest, and take in plenty of fluids. The doctor said, "It doesn't matter, drink water, juice, Coke, tea, beer, just get plenty of fluids."

For the past two days, I've done NOTHING to my hair. As a result, it's all over my head, and mad as hell at me! I would share a picture, but it's way too embarrassing! Just believe.

I've had to cash in my rain check with my duaghters, but I'm working hard to get off the couch, and back to business.


hangingwithangie said...

Girl go on and get you some rest and get off of the computer. I know how the hair thing goes. Don't even worry about it. Hope you and Hubby feel better soon.

MOMSWEB said...

Rest as much as you can, bless your heart. Don't you hate it when you take pride in a healthy lifestyle and end up on your back? Auuugh! That's okay, your body is just telling you it's time to rest a while, so be OBEDIENT!

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