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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Readers Are Leaders

Yesterday, I visited Martin Luther King Elementary Magnet School in Little Rock, where I spoke about the importance of reading. I also read my children's books, and told one of my favorite African Tales, 'The Dancing Granny.'

I haven't done a school visit in a very long time, and forgot just how much I enjoy impressing upon kids the joy, and power of reading. When I shared that I've sat with a council of animals including a lion, monkey, and python, and lived in a WalMart for 6 weeks, I got a few strange looks. After explaining I did those things by reading books... their mouths were open, and I got a few side eyes. One little girl said she was going home, and taking a trip with a book that evening.

One my drive home, I started thinking about the last book I read. I'm over due a good book, any suggestions?


Krystal Grant said...

Congrats!!! Children can be so inspiring. They are so hopeful and energetic. I think I should have been an elementary school teacher instead of a high school teacher.

I'm currently reading "The Help". It is wonderful so far (I'm only on the 2nd chapter).

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