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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fighting A Nasty Bug

There is a nasty bug crawling through my house, infecting one person after the other.

Early last week, my 14 yo started coughing, snotting, and sneezing. Friday, baby girl called from school crying, she was experiencing all of her sister's symptoms, plus a headache. Sunday morning my 16 yo woke up feeling a little off, by early afternoon she had all of baby girl's symptoms, plus a burning sore throat. Monday morning, Mr. Husband took her to a walk in clinic, where she was diagnosed with a highly contagious virus. 

As this bug passes along it's picking up momentum. It's kicking butts, and taking names!

Yesterday, my oldest daughter started feeling bad, with all of the 16 yo's symptoms, and body aches. Mr. Husband also fell prey, and this morning he's running a fever.

When baby girl started feeling bad, I started taking the cold and flu medicine I was giving everyone else. So far I've had a throat tickle, and light cough. Warm tea with fresh ginger, as well as eating lemons have been my home remedy. 

I'm trying my best to stay well, and fight that bug that has invaded my household.  The 16 yo promised she'd take care of me, if I get sick. Can I get a raincheck please?!    



Krystal Grant said...

Oh No! Spray Lysol! Hand sanitizer! Clorox wipes! Hope you all feel better soon.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Hope you feel better soon..drink lots of orange juice and get plenty of rest. lol @ raincheck!!

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