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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sandwich Night At Big Daddy's House

I ended a week long project, cooking from Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr.'s new cookbook Simply Done, Well Done, with his Marinated Chicken Club With Pesto Mayo and Sun-dried Tomatoes. To accompany the sandwich, fried pickled okra using Chef McCargo's Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts recipe.

This was my very first time cooking with, or using sun-dried tomatoes, although I've had them before. It won't be my last. They gave the sandwich an extra zing, that complimented the marinade of the chicken perfectly. I left out the pesto mayo, the kids aren't fond of mayo at all.

Chicken clubs are one of my favorite sandwiches, mainly because of bacon, it makes everything taste better. I used Petit Jean Meats smoked bacon, cooking some for the sandwiches, and a few pieces to nibble on.

Originally, the plan was to make deep fried artichoke hearts. I had everything needed, but marinated artichoke hearts. Looking through my pantry, I spotted a jar of pickled okra, and immediately remembered watching Paula Deen fry whole pickled okra. It was worth a try.

I mentioned in a previous post, how adaptable these recipes are. This one was no different! The Panko bread crumbs, paired with the tangy okra was crunchy and delicious! I'm not big on frying, but it was worth it!

After a very busy week I was happy to unwind, kick my heels up, and relax. This sandwich was a perfect finish to that week. Great no fuss food, and quality time with the family.


ichoosethesun said...

Wow...I am quite impressed at the substitution the of pickled okra for the artichokes. I will be promptly pulling out my copy of the book for some holiday cooking.

Drama Queen said...


I love food blogs.

And I love pictures of the food.

You've now made me hungry.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Ichosethesun- And you'll be glad you pulled it out!

Drama Queen - Glad I can make you hungry, what I was going for!

Diva (in Demand) said...

The sandwich looks really yummy...was the cookbook all you thought it would be?

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