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Friday, September 2, 2011

Road Trip With XM Radio

Last weekend, Mr. Husband, my oldest daughter and I traveled 10 hours to visit my son in college. He's been there now for two months.

Ten hours is a very, very long time!

One the way there, we started out listening to the radio, then cd's. We only had a few cd's, meaning they did not sustain us through the entire trip! *deep sigh* Mr. Husband is not a big talker. Unless he has something to talk about. When driving, he's usually quiet, and in a zone. My daughter, literally slept all the way there. I was on my own!

I remembered my new car has XM radio. I had avoided using the XM, thinking I needed a paid subscription. Pulling out my handy owners manual, I learned we have is a free version. We listened to the music of our choosing in the middle of no where!

There are many stations that caught my interest  Praise, Soul, and The Heat. I even found myself listening to Radio Disney. Mr. Husband found delight in the College Sports, ESPN, and comedy stations.

I do like a good road trip, and good music is essential for a successful one. Thanks to XM Radio, our 20 hour round trip was smooth, and relaxing.

The next road trip, adventure is a must!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

oh i love your blog name! i am going to stay a while!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Thanks for stopping by. Take your shoes off, sit a spell.

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