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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Motivation & Coca Cola

Last week, I started working out with a friend. I'd have to say my biggest issue with working out, and sticking to it is MOTIVATION. I usually have to search high and low for Motivation, hunting her down like a wabbit. Right now, she's right by my side, and has promised to stay a while.

The other issue is... I get bored with workouts easily, usually because I'm in it by myself, and I need variety. This time, my friend and I are in it together.

This weekend I bought a The Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD. I've watched Bob and Jillian kick other peoples butts into shape season after season, now I get to experience it. Not only am I motivated, but I'm very excited.

A few days ago, while riding and listening to Beyonce's new CD, I thought, I could dance to lose weight. I had been considering Zumba. Actually, what's to consider? It's a great workout, fun, and dancing. I love fun and dancing! The best part is, I wouldn't feel like I'm working out at all!

There's one issue when it comes to Zumba... the price! I weighed my options, and decided my health is worth the investment. After doing the math, I found I spend about $90 a month on Coke, that's $3 a day, times 30 days. In one month's time, I could save enough to buy the Zumba DVD.

I'm not kidding myself into believing I'm going to quit cold turkey, to buy a Zumba DVD. I said I'm motivated, not crazy! What I am planning to do is... instead of buying two Cokes (one on my way to work, and another on my way home), I'l just buy one in the evening, and have it with my dinner. The money I would have spent on the morning Coke, will go into my "Me Jar," for the DVD. 

What sacrifices have you made for your health, and how do you stay motivated?


Sporadically Yours said...

Wow!! $90 a month for Coke!? Regular Coke? If you are trying to lose weight, I promise it will fall off just by replacing water with the Coke. I’m no fitness coach or health nut by a long shot but I do know that would help. But that wasn’t your question. If I had to give up coffee to buy a Zumba DVD, it would never happen. So here’s my motivation…. I HAVE to have something to look at. And OH how I will miss having Oprah this year. She used to get me through part of it. At the gym I only do an hour’s worth of cardio machines. I have a Tivo at home. I record shows, transfer them to my computer, convert them to iPad format (can also be formatted for other players) sync to my device, and then I have something to look at while doing my cardio. Believe me this IS a lot of trouble. If I do not have anything to watch then I am NOT motivated to go to the gym. Music is not enough. I’ll tell you how critical this is. One day I got to the gym and I hadn’t synced Oprah. I went back home ;-)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh that's a great idea saving money in the DVD jar! I thinky sacrifice has been getting up early to work out because I love to sleep! but I feel great when I work out in the morning then I'm done for the day! Good luck on your goal! SkippIng is great too and lots cheaper of your knees are ok!

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