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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Fountain Of Youth

A couple of days ago, I attended a funeral, at the church I grew up in. It was for an older lady I've know all my life. While there I saw old teachers, and asst. principals, along with other people from that church I hadn't seen in years. Some I thought were dead, already.

I'm sure I looked stupid... Ooo-ing, and aww-ing every time I saw someone else, and I really wanted to point. Some of them I had not seen since I graduated from high school 25 years ago, others about 15. I was amazed at how good they looked. Everyone seemed to look like the very last time I saw them, as if they'd been dipped in wax, or pickle juice. You know that well preserved look! And I mean it in the best way! When I get to be that old, I want to look that good.

My high school assistant principal, I hadn't seen since graduation June 3, 1986, looked the exact same! She should be 70 something, and doesn't look a day over 55. I'm not exaggerating. The former boys basket ball coach, looked like he could hoop a little bit RIGHT NOW, and he's 70-ish himself. I could go on, and on.

These people looked like they'd found the fountain of youth. And I want to take a dip, sip or what ever it is you do there. Did I mention... no one had gray hair! I take that back, a few people did. When I say a few, you could count them, seriously.

So for now on, I'm in search of this infamous fountain of youth, these people must have access to. When I find it, I'll FourSquare the location. I absolutely MUST be the Mayor of this location!


Wifey said...

Girl, make sure to share!

(It's been a minute - I hope all is well.)

Winks & Smiles,

La'Tonya Richardson said...

You know I will share!

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