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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Dream Of Food

This is my 300th post!!! This month it's been three years, and 300 post! Thanks for sharing it with me. And without further ado...

I don't know why I'm not the biggest woman in the world! I think about what I'm doing to cook for dinner today, tomorrow and next week all.the.time. Not only do I think about it, I dream about food, and cooking it.

Saturday, night instead of visions of sugar plums, I had visions of Sunday dinner. I was so excited about getting up early to start dinner before we left for church. For that reason, I cooked all night in my sleep. It's safe to say, I love to cook!

I look for new ideas when planning my menus for the week. When I started Project What's For Dinner more than a year ago, cooking had become a chore. I found a passion, and zeal for it again.

Although dinner is the meal I love cooking the most, this week I am really excited about breakfast! Because everyone is usually rushing out the door every morning, last year I started making breakfast-to-go. The first one I made was pancake and sausage sandwiches. My family quickly became burned out with it, and started making other types of breakfast sandwiches.

Yesterday, I revisited, looking for breakfast instead of dinner, and found some great ideas. Last night I could hardly fall asleep thinking about making breakfast for my family. And yes, I did dream about it!

This morning I made french toast muffins. Instead of french bread, I used our regular sandwich bread, and powdered sugar was the topping of choice. The recipe called for syrup, which would be a little too messy for a take-along. I'm so hoping it was a hit! We shall see.

This week I'm also making breakfast pizza, and ham, egg, and cheese breakfast cups.

How do you solve the dilemma of breakfast?


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