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Friday, September 23, 2011

Crawling To Lose

After watching the season premiere of Biggest Loser, I was really inspired to kick-up my physical effort in order to lose weight. I even put out there that I plan to lose 3 lbs. by Tuesday, four more days and counting!

That inspiration led me to this great idea *insert sarcasm.* Like the Biggest Loser contestants, my friend and I should bear crawl across a football field. When I asked her, not one time did she hesitate, or question my idea. She just said, Okay.

The goal was... bear crawl from one goal post, to the other. A few feet into crawling, she asked, "How about we stop here, and pick up tomorrow?"

We had a good laugh, and forged on.

Although frequent stops were needed, we finished! We actually bear crawled the length of a football field. I know what you're wondering. Hells NO... we didn't crawl back! Instead we lunged half way, and did the sideways, twisty skipping thingy the rest. The results: sore shoulders, and back.

Biggest Loser trainers, Bob, Anna, Dolvet... bring it on, we're up for the challenge.

What unorthodoxed things have you done to lose weight?


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