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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To-Do List

Since right before turning 40, I've given a lot of thought of places I'd like to visit, and things I really want to do. Mr. Husband seems to think, it's more of a mid-life crisis kind of thing. Often I'm reminded life is so short. My dad once said life is like toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end of the roll, the faster it goes. I just don't want to get to the end of my roll, and missed out on really cool experiences.

Lately, I've been making mental note of places, and things I'd like to see, as well as things I'd like to do.

1. I want to see the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In 2006, we went to Hampton,VA, and were 40 minutes from Virginia Beach. The day we were to go to the beach a huge storm blew in. I don't want to just see both bodies of water, but put my feet in and splash around.

2. Visit the National Mall, in Washington D.C. While in college I went to D.C., and the only thing we did was attend the classes for the conference, and visit Union Station. This October, while at Blogalicious, I plan on visiting the National Mall, and the seeing the White House!

3. Travel Route 66. I've never been to California, and plan on visiting the Pacific Ocean via that state. In order to get there, I would like to take a road trip along the historic Route 66.

4. Spend at least 4 weeks in another country, enjoying their culture. For our 15th wedding anniversary, Mr. Husband took me to Jamaica. I had a wonderful time. We stayed in a beautiful resort experiencing the Jamaica shown on tv. We also walked into the city of Montego Bay, and experienced the real Jamaica. I knew then I wanted to visit another country on an extended stay.

Recently, reading about and keeping up with  Justice Jonesie and her trip to Mexico, has sparked the interest of wanting to travel abroad again.

5. Host a "REAL" dinner party. My family has played host for family get-togethers,  holiday dinners, and cookouts, but I've never had a real dinner party. I want to use real plates, flatware, and glasses, and actually sit at the table, and not hang in the den, while eating and watching tv. (Ok, that was really long sentence with way too many commas)There will be courses! Salad, soup, main dish, dessert, maybe more. 

This is not my complest list! What's on your list of things to see, and do?


Mining for Diamonds said...

I just turned 40 this month! :) I've already been blessed to have seen so much of the world, but I'm not finished. I still want to go to Brazil, Australia, South Africa, the South Pacific (like Fiji and other places like that), Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia or someplace like that in Asia, and I'd love to see Antarctica. I'd also love to go to the very tip of South America. That would be so cool! I want to play the violin more and one day I'd like to learn a certain classical piece that I've always wanted to play but don't have the chops to play right now...I'd love to take private lessons! I want to speak to groups of women, minister to them on the violin, and share my written words. I want to touch a dolphin. (They look like they feel like rubber!)I've thought about learning to swim, but I'm still kind of chicken about that.

There is SO much life left to live!!!

(And if you EVER have the opportunity to travel, do it, girl!!!!!)

Sporadically Yours said...

I too am 40 and HOPING that I do not wait another decade to really start living. I'm always thinking if I had money I would...but realized I can still work with what I've got. One thing important to me is stay connected with friends and family (in person) - they are everywhere. While on these mini vacations I try to go somewhere and eat somewhere that I've never been or experience it again through a child (my son is 6). As for seeing the ocean, it never ceases to amaze me how AWESOME it is. I have always lived in coastal areas with beach access from 3 hours to 30 minutes away. Enjoy your "splash" - sounds like a good plan. ;-0

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