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Monday, July 25, 2011

Top Chef Inspired

One of my favorite reality shows is Food Network's, Top Chef! Between Top Chef, Top Chef All-Stars, and Food, I've pulled off more than a few Project What's For Dinners.

Season, after season chefs have made gnocchi. And each time I've wondered what it was. During the 2011 season of Top Chef All-Stars Mike Isabella made it as well. That was it, I had to know more about gnocchi. After only a little research, I found it's a potato dumpling.

I was intrigued, but very intimidated. Almost every chef who made it, did so  poorly, so said the judges. And I'm a long way from being a Top Chef!

Recently, my mother and I went to Olive Garden for lunch, and chicken and gnocchi soup was on the menu. I tried it, and liked!  It reminded me of chicken and dumplings, which is one of my family's favorite dishes. It was time for me to face my fear, and make it.

I found a recipe for gnocchi, as well as the Olive Garden Style Chicken and Gnocci Soup, and got busy!

I felt good about my first attempt at a dish I've watched trained chefs bomb at. Surprisingly, my family ate it without complaint. And they ate it all! I must confess, initially I did tell them it was chicken and dumplings. All's fair in love and food!

Note: When making the gnocchi dough, it can use salt.

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Drama Queen said...

Wasn't it Fabio who always made the gnocchi? I love Top Chef, as well. Yum!

mrstdj said...

Good job!! I love gnocchi, but I'm definitely not making it at home! *lol* Ha ha ha @ you telling your family it was chicken and dumplings! Whatever works!

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