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Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter To My Soon To Be EX-Dryer

Dear Mr. Dryer:

We have had a warm and wonderful relationship over the years. But lately you've continued to I don't understand.

Because of your recent shenanigans, sending me to the laundry mat (you know I hate it there), I am forced to end our relationship. Consider this letter due notice.

Tomorrow, I will start looking for your replacement, a younger, more energy efficient and timely dryer. Although your services are appreciated, we must end this before someone gets hurt. I wish you all the best.

By the way: your partner in crime has to go with you. I want a new washer and dryer SET. For your convenience we will help you move.

Thanks again.


Tasha said...

LMBOOOOO...Bwahhhh haaa haaa...girl my dryer let me down too, so the sentiment is all the same i do not like going to the dryer either!!!! But have been going lately that i'm aggravated when i see the basket of clothes piling long to the dryer you have been fun why you lasted, but somethings must come to an end!!!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Tasha - You should see the mound of clothes crawling up the wall, in my room alone! Too ashamed to take a picture. It's cra-Z!

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