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Monday, December 27, 2010

WONDER WOMAN - And Other Christmas Fun

Christmas was absolutely great! We celebrated the true meaning of CHRISTmas, exchanged gifts, ate a little bit (okay, I ate a lot), and enjoyed each other. I've said before I am Wonder Woman, now I have the t-shirt to prove it! It was a gift from my children. They recognize!

Last Christmas, I got the kids a Wii. This year I got myself *cough* the kids Just Dance 2, plus a few more games. Just Dance 2, is so much fun!!!

I could hardly stand being in the kitchen, I wanted to play! However, I was able to restrain myself. When I got my hands on that remote, I was a dancing machine. (The vlog of me dancing is coming soon.) I danced, "Proud Mary," and was rolling on the river, along with The Jackson 5's, "I want you back," and more. Did I say I was a dancing machine?

While competing against my girls, and dancing as hard as I could, I had a flash back to last year,  Wiidicted. Would I be able to walk the next day? The day after Christmas came, and I was just fine. On the way home from church, I laid down a Just Dance 2 challenge to my middle daughter. I won! Who's the MAMA?!

Just Dance 2 is my kind of exercise!


Mom.Wife.Me said...

Merry Christmas. I hope you ...I mean the kids enjoy the Just Dance 2!

Anonymous said...

Well, good for you. I bugged out a few years ago when Guitar Hero was released. My son hardly ever got to play. And great shirt, BTW.

Tasha said...

Go mama, winning the wii challenge against the you think Just Dance 2 is something get up on the michael jackson experience, it's a work out more than any Just Dance! I love it! Hope you guys get to try it to....

Krystal Grant said...

We don't have Just Dance 2 but we just got Michael Jackson, The Experience and it is phenomenal! It's a great workout and a lot of fun.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Mom.Wife.Me - We, are all enjoying the new Wii games. So much fun!

Tasha - I can't wait to try the Michael Jackson experience! I've been spanking the kids butt, on this game!

Krystal - That's just what I need, an undercover workout!

Tasha said...

girl if you don't want to buy it first, if there is a Redbox in your area go rent it, but i promise you you will want to purchase it....Girl we were all in here last night getting down...i love it! I hate to put my just dance down but Micheal is doing it right now for everybody!!! Now don't get me wrong on Just dance 1 i am killing the african song (lmbo) can't think of the name of it but i get's it in...but i think the just dance crave has been the best thing for folks to get some type of exercise done, or a way to keep america moving....i love it either way!

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