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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Too Pooped To Shop

Again, I waited to the last minute to start Christmas shopping. Thursday, we ventured to the mall to get it all done, and we did. I was so exhausted!

Shopped till I dropped
This was three hours after shopping, and what seemed like back and forth, up and down from store to store. One of my middle daughter's was trying on clothes and there wasn't a chair in sight. My grandfather said, as long as I have a backside, I always have a seat. I took his advice.

Just waiting...
Around hour five, thirteen year-old middle daughter lured me into Hollister, and the lines were looooong! The bright side... the store is dimly lit, and has comfortable chairs!

... and waiting. Can we go home already???
Finally, after more than eight hours of shopping, I was too pooped to shop, done, FINISHED! Thirteen year-old daughter needed to go BACK to Hollister. I opted to watch the bags, while my son went back with her.

Every year, I promise not to wait till the last minute to get my shopping done. I'm promising AGAIN!  


Drama Queen said...

You're so funny! That surprises me that you would wait until the last minute - you always struck me as the lady who has her shopping done by Easter for Christmas!

I do ALL of mine on the internet - then I can sit on my backside the ENTIRE time! :)

Hope you all had a merry Christmas!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

I don't mean to wait till the last minute. I want to do better, really I do. I'll try again for Christmas 2011.

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