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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Recap

I was so pumped about Father's Day, I knew I had the perfect gift idea!

When ever we ask Mr. Husband what he wants for Father's Day, birthday, Christmas... he always says, "Nothing."

He says he'd rather do for us. But who in their right mind wants "NOTING!" Not me.

Through the years, I've tried really hard to get Mr. Husband good gifts. It's a task, and after being married for almost 20 years, my creative juices have dried up! There have been hits and misses. I've bought him good gifts, and gifts he didn't like so much.

This year, I knew I was dead on! I had the perfect gift in mind. The kids even agreed with me. For a while now, every time we take even a simple trip, Mr. Husband would say he needs a GPS. Earlier in the year, he even borrowed one, and liked it very much.

Sunday, before getting ready or church, the kids and I went into the bedroom together, to give him his gift. He opened the bag and said, "Thank you..." And I heard the BUT coming.

I wouldn't let him get his but out, while the kids were in the room. But of course he did eventually. "I like it, but it's a gift for the family, not something I want for me."

I understood, finished putting dinner on, and got ready for church.

Dinner was more to Mr. Husband's liking. I made a big soul food dinner. He dinned sufficiently, and passed out!


Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

My husband always says the same thing about not getting him anything. When I stopped getting him things he was none too happy! LOL! Great idea for the GPS, though!

Drama Queen said...

I got hubby a GPS system for Father's Day about 3 years ago - and he loves it. He can get lost in our driveway....! But he sounds a lot like your hubby - he's very hard to buy for, and his birthday is Christmas Day, which makes it even worse...argh!

Tyrone said...

He's a tough customer - I'm in the same boat. I bought the mrs. a gps for mother's day. A week later it was broken. I had to send it back for a replacement.

Angela Cooper said...

Mine says the same thing but his weed wacker died and he really needed a new one. So I got him one and he's been the happiest man ever. He said "Thank you Honey. See you got it, always get me things I need". He needed that. He's the only one using it so even though it's for the yard to make the house beautiful, its still for him.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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