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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look At Me, I'm Playing Tennis!

Just finished tennis lesson, hot and sweaty!

Since I've was a teenager, I've wanted to play tennis. When Venus and Serena came along, my desire increased. They make it look so easy. Just once, I'd like to grunt like Serena when she returns the ball.

Last summer my girls and I started tennis lessons. After an unfortunate event, and only one practice, my tennis lessons were over. This summer, I jumped on the opportunity. I'm no Venus or Serena, but my coach said I did really well.

Surprised, I was excited at how well I did! Serving the ball was major for me. A little nervous, and didn't think I could completely pull it off. I not only managed to hit it over the net, it landed just where it was supposed to. Woot-woot!   

There were three other ladies, and we played a match. My partner and I won! I can be very competitive, and was trying my best not to celebrate. I realized I'm still a beginner, and next week, they can come back and win. Inside, I was leaping for joy!

My goal is to play in at least one tournament. Is there a amateur, amateur, amateur tournament?  Oh yeah, playing in a tennis tournament, would be another first in my 40s!


Angela Cooper said...

Girl, don't let me see you on the court with flesh colored panties on and lingerie like Venus did the other week. Congratulations to you on your win. I'm sure when you got home you did your victory dance.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Angela - You better know, I'm not wearing any flesh toned anything! But that sure came across my mind, and I had to laugh!

adventure grrl said...

Keep at it! It's so inspiring to try new things! Can't wait to read more!

Alicia aka MyBusymind said...

This is awesome, I'm afraid I have no coordination for Tennis. It's the softball in me. Going to sign The Boy up for lessons

Drama Queen said...

It's on my bucket list to learn how to play tennis - when we move to the new house in Florida, there's a tennis court across the street. You've inspired me - I guess I'll take lessons, too! :) Maybe I'll meet you on the circuit one day - ha!

covnitkepr1 said...

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