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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cutting Up!

I cut myself shaving! And it didn't feel so good! I started to blame BP, instead, I'm placing the blame where it should be, on Mr. Husband!

During the summer, I shave my legs more often. One because I have course hair, and it grows back like I put fertilizer in my lotion. Two, I want my legs to look nice and flawless. That big fleshy scrape, puts a damper on my sexiness!

Mr. Husband buys disposable razors in bulk from the local wholesale club. There are like 50 razors in that box. Instead of asking for one, I just help myself. Clearly, if he has a bunch of them he won't miss one every now and then. Right? Wrong!

Noticing his stash of razors were a little low, Mr. Husband got a little huffy, about HIS STUFF. In order to keep peace, and leave HIS razors alone, I bought my own. When shopping around for the right female razor, I looked at the color, shape of the handle, and the price. Those things are expensive.

I settled on a cute package of pink razors, with a great handle design, and reasonably priced. They were a little less than $4, for three. Instead of shaving every other day, I'm now having to shave everyday. It doesn't give me a close shave like Mr. Husband's brand. It's almost scratchy.

This morning while shaving my legs in the shower, I felt a little stick, then a sting. I cut myself! Not a little nick, but a one inch scrape. You can see the white flesh of my leg! Had I been using one of Mr. Husband's razors, this wouldn't have happened! So, like I said, the blame falls on him!

You know what this means. I'm throwing those dull, inexpensive (cheap) razors in the trash, and going back to sneaking Mr. Husband's razors. He'll get over it.


Anonymous said...

That ain't all girl, I use his Barbasol shaving cream too. Why is men's stuff so chep and ours is expensive. I get right in the shower when I'm done so it doesn't have that cologne smell to it. And I agree, men's razors seem better to use than the women's. ????????

Deidra said...

I too am a razor and Barbasol stealer. They get over it. They really do.

ParlinMom said...

Maybe you can tell him that you will go half on the razors and then it will for the both of you. I buy the same thing for my husband and I tried them and came up with a similar cut and left HIS stufff alone which he was happy about but told me to stay in capris until that cut was gone...LOL!!

kristi said...

My hubby gave me his old razor and now we use the same disposable blades. And it does shave great!

Krysal Granat said...

or, you could just grow hair on your legs like Monique! She doesn't shave AT ALL! LOL

Tyrone said...

Our razors aren't cheap. I cringe when I have to buy the disposables. My suggestion: chip in and get some. Share the pain of buying them. It should lessen the resentment.

My wife bought some disposables and split them with me. She has her pile and I have mine. No resentment.

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