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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Best Staycation Ever! Part 2

Baby Girl, and 13 year-old middle daughter, petting the baby pygmy goat. Awwww

Again, my plans for the day didn't pan out! I wanted to take the kids fishing at Cane Creek, an Arkansas State Park.

Three of my children's friends spent the night. There was NO WAY in the world, I was taking 7 kids fishing! I was not going to do it! My second thought was go any way, and hike the trails. That didn't happen either.

Instead, I loaded the kids in the van, and we struck out. I had no idea where we were going, but we were leaving the house. That was for sure.

The van led us to a local pet store. Not your average, fish and small rodents, kind of pet store. It's more like a petting zoo, with goats, ducks, geese, chicken, the biggest raccoons I'd ever seen, along with a few other animals. They also have 100 tanks of fish, and other things that belong in aquariums.

We were in luck, they had a one and a half week old pygmy goat. I love goats, and wish I could have one. Mr. Husband says that would be with my next husband. (I don't think that's funny, at all.) The kids pet the goat, and we walked around out side looking at the other animals, ooohing, and awwing over them. Before leaving we peeped in at the pretty fish.

These kids are a hard crowd to please, and were ready for the next adventure! I was thinking fast on my feet. Stopping by the dollar store, I picked up kites, bad mitten sets, and frisbees. We headed home, and got our play on.

Baby Girl, and KC flying kites
Kite flying was so much fun! There was just enough wind. Some times my children are surprised that I can do fun things. They forget, I was once a kid. I haven't always been their mother.

Later, we played two square. My 13 year-old middle daughter, who's very competitive, THOUGHT she could beat me. I am one bad Mama. In my neighborhood, as a kid, we played all the time. It's like riding a bike!

Poor Mr. Husband, he had to work! But, we all had a great time, and later slept well!


Alison said...

I love to take the kids kite flying...and you are right the kids have no idea how much fun we can REALLY be even though we are old moms

Deidra said...

Staycations rock! Happy Easter!

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