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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Best Staycation Ever!

Playing at River Front Park, with the Arkansas River behind me.

Since school started in August, I've looked forward to Spring Break 2010.

I did my research, and found really fun things within a 100 mile radius. If we were going to have a 'staycation,' I was going to make sure we had a great time.

Nothing went as planned except for Monday. I, (we) did absolutely nothing. It was my day of rest! Off the bat, the kids weren't feeling my schedule of edutainment. And my 'Things to do,' just sortof fell apart from there. The only thing we did from my list was fly kites. But, we managed to have a great time!

Tuesday, My after my plans for the Heifer International Ranch were foiled, my son suggested the Little Rock Zoo instead. A great idea! Problem was... droves of other people had the same idea. The line was a block long, and that was just outside of the big gate.

That gave me the perfect opportunity to head to the River Market District, and stroll down President Clinton Ave. I was FINALLY going to get the cupcakes I craved, from a particular bakery. And it was CLOSED for vacation, can you believe it! But, there is much more to do there.

We visited the Central Arkansas Nature Center. There's a huge aquarium, simulating Arkansas' Rivers. The kids got to experience feeding time. That was cool!

The kids watching fish at feeding time

After the Nature Center, we got ice cream, walked past shops, and down to the river. I tried to get the kids to walk the bridge, and check out the submarine that's on display. That was a no go. Finally we landed at River Front Park. I hadn't been there since my senior year in high school, just a few years ago.

We had a great time, climbing through holes, the kids climbing rocks, and just enjoying being near the water.

Our Spring break was a blast, too much for one blog post. Come back, and find out how we experienced Arkansas, on our staycation.


Nicole said...

I love staycations! It looks like you are having a great time. I hope the rest of the week goes even better!

Alison said...

Sounds like a good time...and so many more to come for you.

Mocha Dad said...

We took the kids to Sea World for Spring Break, but I think you and your kids had more fun.

Angela Cooper said...

Hey girl, Congrats on being featured on the Blogrollers. I just happened to be scanning through my reader so I read them and so your blog mentioned. That's soooo cool. And thanks for mentioning my blog. I appreciate that and you. Have a FAB weekend.

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