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Monday, November 2, 2009

Reading is Fundamental!

Saturday, I noticed the car sounding a little weird. Checking the power steering fluid, I confirmed my suspicions, it was empty. There was none in the trunk where Mr. Husband always keeps extra. So I let him know the car was in need.

Later that evening, I noticed a bag on the table containing a bottle of car stuff. Mr. Husband is really good about making sure the vehicles are kept up.

Sunday morning, Mr. Husband headed off to work. As the kids and I were leaving for church, the bag was still sitting on the table. Wanting to be a help, I decided to take care of it when we returned. We left, taking the van instead.

After church, I changed my clothes, grabbed the keys to the car, the bag, and headed out side. Minding my own business, feeling good about helping my husband, I started pouring. Spilling a little, I noticed the fluid was red... Power steering fluid hasn' before.

Finally I read the bottle, Transmission Fluid, was in bright red!

I put the cap back on, closed the bottle, slammed the hood closed, and backed away from the car really slow. Wanting to fall on the ground kicking and screaming, I couldn't believe it. Just a month and a half ago, I hit my neighbor's mailbox for the second time, and now this!

Being smart, I didn't start the car, and instructed both driving children to LEAVE THE CAR ALONE! I called Mr. Husband, and explained what I did... He was quiet, real quiet!

From now on, the only things I'm putting into our vehicles is gas, groceries, and my children!


Lynn said...

That is hysterical! I love cars enough to know that that's a pretty big no no. Did you try the "It's the thought that counts right honey?" bit? Sometimes that works. Love. Love. Love your blog. I will follow you now. Must. Follow. You. (I'm doing the robot in my head)

My best, Lynn
*found you from Cutie Booty Cakes.

Drama Queen said...

You found me somehow in the blogging world, so I had to come over and visit you - your blog is funny! THIS post is exactly something that I would do, too. And hubby would never let me live it down! I know it's not funny, but it is. As you said, we can laugh about it, right?!

As far as kids go, you can have my 10-year old daughter. As I mentioned, she gets UP two hours before school...but she's NEVER ready! ARGH!!!

Thanks for visiting me - I'll be sure to visit you. Take care!


Café Chick said...

Gosh, you are braver than me - I don't even put oil into my car unassisted! I wouldn't have known that power steering fluid isn't red either. I think I'll leave that one (and everything else car-related) up to my sweetie ...

Roschelle said...

I love the way you backed away "slowly" and the fact that Mr. Husband was "very quiet". Lesson learned. I never fool with a car. Not even adding windshield wiper fluid...I know my

Gloria said...

OOOOOh you're brave. Did it cross your mind for even an instant to deny knowledge of everything? No, thought not!!!! Reminded me of the time my husband Colin filled up my brand new just delivered vehicle with the old type wrong fuel and just about knackered the engine!!!

Great post. Loved every word!!!

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