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Friday, September 11, 2009

Oprah's Flash Mob Dance

Oprah's kick off block party was a hit! The Black Eyed Peas got the party rocking with "I Gotta Feeling," and to Oprah's surprise, a flash mob broke out in dance. With more than 21,000 people, it was the largest flash mob on record!

Only the coolest thing ever! I love Oprah, and would love more than anything to be a part of her 'Favorite Things' show. Her staff pulling this off, without her knowledge, was the absolute best.

I've heard only bits and pieces of the song before, and that was my first time hearing it in its entirety. It's now my favorite. I'm going to load in on my mp3 player, as part of my new walking play list, and download it as a ring tone. And yes, I must learn the dance!

Check it out for your self.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I had to watch the video to even KNOW what a flash mob dance was! Geez, I'm so old and out of touch. Did they all get taught that dance? How is it that everyone knew it??

mr. nichols said...

wow. that's pretty major. they should just go ahead and crown oprah queen. make it official

JD at I Do Things said...

I freaking LOVE this song. In my Zumba class (fun choreographed dance aerobics to Latin, hip-hop, world music), we do a routine to this song, and everyone goes nuts.


Natural said...

i saw this on TV, on the news and thought it was so cool. at first of course, i didn't get it and neither did oprah. they set the whole thing up. waaaay cool.

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