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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's my Blogaversary! Today, marks one year of being a "BLOGGER!" In this year, I've learned a great deal, and have had a ball writing, as well as reading others blogs. I've also made a few friends, and set a few goals for the future!

I wanted to write a very witty, moving, or thought provoking piece. Heck, I'll just keep doing me, and give you a WARNING instead.


Another 16 year old male, armed with a drivers license, having access to a vehicle, was spotted leaving his local DMV. Take cover!

With his 17th birthday just weeks away, my son is a late bloomer when it comes to driving. He was unconcerned, and perfectly content with being chauffeured around. He's had a copy of the drivers manual since last summer. I waited for him to ask me to drive. It didn't happen. Finally... I just had to say, "Get in the drivers seat".

This summer Son took a drivers education course. After completing the class, he passed the written test, the very first time, with 100%.

We arrived at the testing center yesterday morning at 7:20, for the road test. We were third in line, that's good. The doors opened at 7:30, the kids were registered, and instructed to wait in their cars. Testing wouldn't begin until 8 o'clock.
That was a 20 minute wait. Did they realize the torture? Waiting for 20 minutes by themselves, thinking about all the things they've learned. What to do... What not to do. I was nervous for them all. My son especially!

Finally the team of officers headed outside to administer road tests. I tried to stay in my seat, but just couldn't! I stood outside and watched him go through the preliminaries. Lights, windshield wipers, breaks, horn... finally, the officer got in the car with him. I held my breath, and said a prayer.

The first young man returned, and parked in the parking lot across the street to the left. The officer wasn't getting out. She talked to him for a long time. Not a good sign. He didn't pass.

The young lady, who actually left first, returned to the parking lot they all left from. The officer got out right away. That's a good sign. She got out, and gave her mom a thumbs up. She passed.

Finally, what seemed like forever, my son returned to the parking lot he left from. Yes, that's a good sign. But... the officer was slow to get out. She was talking a lot, and and he never took his seat belt off. Not a good sign. She got out of the car, signaled for a parent to meet her at the stairs. Oh, so not a good sign.

"He passed," she said, along with some other stuff I heard later.

To him, a drivers license is a rite of passage, and a little freedom. To me, his drivers license means he can pick up his sisters, go to the grocery store, and run other errands. But most of all he can drive himself the 10 miles to school. January 14, 2010 when he's legally allowed to drive by himself, it's on! And he doesn't even have a clue!


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Chaotically Calm said...

Hola La'Tonya

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BLOGGYVERSERY!!!!!! Side note is the a proper way to spell that word? Anywho congrats on making it to your first birthday. I know the road was paved with much adversity and a whole bunch more fun! Isn't great to look back at how much you've grown as a blogger from day one til today. I know when I started my blog had absolutely no direction and today is has a touch..LOL.

Congrat again :-D

P.S. I think my sister and your son need to stay out of the same drivers are dangerous!

P.S.S. Also I like that your son doesn't even know what's coming.

mr. nichols said...

Happy Blogaversary La'Tonya! Of course, I'm still a relatively new follower but I always dig checking up to see what adventure you've gotten yourself into and I plan to keep following to see what happens in this next year.

I too got my license real late. Not until 18 actually. I knew I couldn't get a car so there wasn't a point. I stayed on that bus all those years. Finally, my pops hooked me up my sophomore year in college with Trinity, which as you know I recently had to say goodbye too.

Abbi said...

Happy Bloggyversery!!

Natural said...

congrats to you. keep on trucking. i'm sooo slowing down.

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