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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help! Dining Room In Need Of Redecorating!

This month we will be in our house seven years. During this time, I've promised myself, over and over again that I would redecorate the dining room. There are other rooms I'd like to redecorate as well, but the dining is in desperate need of attention.

Exhibit A: This chandelier is absolutely AWFUL! Don't you agree? It's waaaay outdated, the candle imitating a flame, the leafy what ever, along with the crystals. Absolutely awful! I would like to just snatch it down.

Exhibit B: The oh-so-terrible wall paper, on only one wall, and the rest of the room is painted what I would call robin egg blue. That blue is also in my library (gagging sound).

No one really eats in the dining room unless we have company. The over flow, usually the kids end up in there. It has also become a catch all room. The kids leave their books in there, and the extra school supplies are boxed up in a corner.
I have big plans for this room, but no ideas to get started with! I don't know what I want, I just know that ugly chandelier, hideous wall paper, and blue carpet have to go!
And did I mention, I'd like it to be a DIY project? Of course, Mr. Husband, handyman extraordinaire, will be the foreman. I'll keep you updated, when ever we get started!


Natural said...

okay sorry, but the chandelier is not the nicest one i've seen.

so i haven't done too much decorating here, but what i have done is timeless or so i think it is. hehee.

look forward to your makeover.


might i suggest refurbishing the chandelier? take off the crystals, replace the bulbs with something from this millenium, and spray paint black. i find spray painting things black always makes them look better, no matter what it is. of course, i usually don't know squat about what i am talking about too.

Banteringblonde said...

oooh i love before and after! Can't wait to see!

mr. nichols said...

o_O um...yeah, the, what can i say. i mean, i'm not decorator but er um ... o_O ok, now that that's out of the way, i think this redecorating adventure will be fun. you can make it like a reality show (i know you're a reality show junkie) so i look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Adam said...

The saddest thing is that someone must have paid good money (well, some money) for that chandelier, lol!

Adam (

African American Mom said...


wall paper....



Somebody really put up that decor. I bet it was on point at the time. I would love to see the redo. Please post once you get it going.

Yakini said...

LOL aww, i feel you! its always fun to "make over" rooms in the house. it makes coming home fresh and exciting and new. i love that! most of the time i just do over the bathroom (cuz thats the cheapest room to make over, lol).

I hope u post "after" pics of the dining room after you complete this project! :-)

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