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Monday, August 31, 2009

Q & A

The CDC has issued a very serious warning. This fall and winter, between 60 - 120 million Americans could become sick with the Swine Flu. More will contract the virus, without becoming ill. The worst case scenario, 90,000 Americans could die.

Lately, I've given the Swine Flu, vaccines, and trying to stay well, a lot of thought. It's also sparked memories about gross medicines my mother gave us as kids. She used to tell us stories of her father making, and giving them home remedies that sound like a witch potions.

The worst and the grossest (I know it's not a word, work with me okay), medicine I remember taking is Father John. That stuff had a terrible stinch! It was so thick, I couldn't swallow it. As soon as it hit the back of my tongue, it and all the contents of my stomach came up, and out! Mama would be waiting with another spoonful, until it went, and stayed down!

What are your gross medicine or home remedy horror stories?



my mother would literally coat us head to toe in Vick's vapor rub. have you ever tried to sleep in pajamas / sheets coated in thick putrid smelling vaseline? not good times.

Chaotically Calm said...

Hola La'Tonya

My Pop Pop swore by hot toddies. He said that in order to stay health just take a shot of whateva spirits are available in your coffee and/or tea and you would be fine. It worked well for him. He literally was as health as a horse until he got the big C and passed away.

Also he said to stay healthy when you felt the sickness coming, you know if the hot toddie didn't work, swallow a pinch of vicks vapo rub. Now I never swallowed the vapo rub because I know for sure there is a warning on the label to keep out of eyes and mouth but Pop Pop swore by it.

In general medicine is gross. I'm not sure why they make it this way could just be another form of punishment while you're sick.

Lee said...

I honestly can't remember what my mom used to give me. Perhaps I have blocked out that time in my childhood??

Café Chick said...

Year ago, I had a really bad cough. I was away at a family funeral and coughed right through several days of mourning. Every home remedy was recommended, including one suggestion of downing a teaspoon of salt followed by a teaspoon of honey; the honey would drag the salt down and magically cure me, or something like that. Now, I don't like either salt or honey but by that stage was desperate enough to try anything. They were right; I had a brief reprise from coughing (I didn't dare cough in front of anyone, in case they gave me something else gross to drink!), but upon returning home the next week my cough was bad enough to break a rib and tear out two muscles in my chest. I don't think I'll be trying that remedy again!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Speaking From The Crib and Faith, It looks like that Vics Vapor Rub is deemed a wonder! My Grandmother swore by it! Last year, a couple of my kids were coughing so bad, an aunt suggested I slather Vics under the bottom of their feet and then put socks on when they go to bed. Seriously, I think it helped. I tried it as well. But eating it?! Faith we're NOT trying that one. I'm like you, we heed warnings on labels. No need to be test rats.

Lee: Maybe you blocked it out for a reason. What if you were tortured by home remedies, and now suppress the memories. That just sounds more mysterious.

Cafe Chick: Okay, I think you should have been hospitalized and put under one of those plastic tents. Wow that's strong coughing to do all that damage! The worst cough I had made my chest really sore, as well as made me pee my pants.

Krystel ( Mocha Wifey) said...

I used to absolutely despise the taste of rubitussin that was the most awful tasting stuff and she seemed hooked on it she never gave us anything else but that. I used to gag everytime I took it lol.


cardiogirl said...

Like SFTC and CC, I also endured Vick's vapor rub. I actually like the smell of it, but when I was in my mid-20s I actually read the label.

It cautions against putting it in the mucous membranes of the nose. That's exactly where my mom put -- up my nose -- and all over my chest.

I also remember taking NyQuil until I was awoken in the middle of the night and given a shot glass of it to swallow.

I swallowed it, grimaced and vomited it back up on the sheets. That was the last time I took NyQuil.

Blog Queen said...

Our folks must have been getting their health tips from the same "two-headed doctor"!!! Father John was awful. If I remember correctly, it was that thick milky looking stuff with the big UGLY FISH on the label...OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!! It was so bad til the recommendation on the bottle was to have your child drink something "palatable" as soon as they finished.

I'm heading over to slap my mother as soon as the sun comes up!!! Thanks for reminding me....just kidding

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