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Friday, August 28, 2009

Crossing "The Bridge"

My Dad is from Greenville, M-I- crooked letter, crooked letter -I- crooked letter, crooked letter -I-, hump back, hump back -I. As kids, we visited our grandparents frequently! In order to get there from Arkansas, we had to cross the mighty Mississippi River by way of,
"The Bridge."

I was okay about riding over the narrow, two lane bridge, with no shoulders. Somewhere around Jr. High School, I learned that it was impossible to open a car door, or let down a window under water. That prompted me to come up with a plan of escape, in the event we went over.

At 18, I drove over that bridge for the very first time. That day is etched in my brain for ever. I had to drive Grand daddy's 1969 Impala standard shift, with the gears on the column, no power steering, and tears in my eyes, over "The Bridge." It was just me and my sister. Including that day, I can count the number of times I've driven over it. Over the years, I've either been with my parents, or my husband. If I was alone with the kids, I'd stop and pick up my sister, who lives in the town right before the bridge.

Last weekend, on my way to a cousin's funeral, I had to cross it by myself. Scared as I could be, I took a few pictures to commemorate my crossing "The Bridge."

The following picture, I was ascending, (I like that word). That's when I started talking to myself, like the "Little Engine That Could."

And this is "The Bridge." I had to hurry, and take this picture. Once I got up there over the water, there was no way I was going to let go of that steering wheel to take a picture, swat a fly, or even scratch my nose!

Almost at the top, I meet three 18 wheeler's. I start chanting, "Stay on your side. Stay on your side. Stay on your side." There are no shoulders to ease over on. Can you see?
The speed limit across "The Bridge," is 45 mph. With both hands on the wheel, I drove 35 - 38 mph. Don't laugh!

Whew! Finally descending! I can breath again!

After all these years, they're building a new bridge, complete with shoulders. Niiiiice! MY dad plans on driving across it opening day. Guess who won't be joining him.


Lee said...

Bridges freak me out. Something about the fact that you can fall to your death that I don't like! Loved your post.


my palms are SWEATING just reading this blog! i hate, hate, hate bridges too. and tunnels. we have to go over the bridge from ohio to kentucky and then thru 3 tunnels in virgina i think, on our way down south. heebie jeebies.

K. Rock said...

I don't care for bridges either!!! I am not terrified but I could definitely do without the bridges we have to cross when we visit my in laws in S.C.

Blog Queen said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's the bridge outside of Greenville! I clutch the steering wheel EVERYTIME I cross it. I am soooo glad that they are building a new one! It's almost complete so my trips between Pine Bluff and Mississippi would be a breeze now!

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