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Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm A Mom Fan

That's Mr. Husband to the right

Earlier in the summer I came up with a great idea. I'll paint my face for my son's first home football game. Technically, it wasn't the first "home game," but the first game in our city. And this was the big "Rival Game."

No one thought I would go through with it. Are you kidding me, WHAT'S.MY.NAME???

Three of my girls said I would embarrass them. My son on the other hand, thought it was cool, and told his friends about my plans. Of course I got a few stares, and giggles, but I didn't care. There were also hi-fives, and positive comments. I was supporting my son!

Since I've gotten older, I have more guts, or balls than I've ever had! Just wait till the next game, I'm changing it up! And don't let me see any copy cats!


mr. nichols said...

lol. i love it! do you.

Alicia aka MyBusyMind said...

LOVES IT! From one mom Fan to another You support your baby girl! That's what I'm talking about. I made T-shirts with my babies name and number on the back. I may have to do face painting for homecoming.

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