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Monday, June 1, 2009

Busted Brain

Before cell phones, (Do you remember when?), I committed everyone’s, well the numbers I called the most, to memory. The ones that weren’t etched in my brain were recorded in a phone book. It used to be, everyone had a phone book, and or an address book.
Those treasured books of valuable information were replaced by cell phones. I have everyone I know phone numbers, along with the numbers of anyone who calls me, stored in my phone for later, or never.
Cell phones have become our brains, the central nervous system of our lives. And we all know how important the brain is.
Not only do we store phone numbers and address, but other valuable information, dates, plans, itineraries and so on. Often, we NEVER back that information up. I should speak for myself. Surely, everyone else has a hard copy somewhere. Yeah right!
Thursday, after making my rounds dropping off the two who ride the bus, (you figure it out), I came back home to pick up the other three. Retrieving something from the back of the van, with my arms full and… “KA SPLAT.” I dropped my cell phone, yet again!
Code Blue! Man down! May Day – May Day! And all the distress signals you can think of. This time my Palm Centro didn’t make it. It made the transition from this life to, let’s just say… It bit the dust, literally. The face, and touch screen was cracked. It turned black, with a hint of color. For a while I could answer it, and then that played out.
I almost cried, thinking about all the numbers I have stored. I don’t have dates, schedules and such. I’m old fashioned; I still use a planner with a calendar.
Immediately, I called AT&T about the insurance. They sent me a brand new phone. Yes!
Friday morning I received an email, with the tracking information for my new phone. It was in my home town. I couldn’t work around the house for hearing, or thought I heard, the Fed Ex truck. Finally, he came with my phone.
I was so excited to see the Fed Ex man at the door; you would have thought it was Ed Mc Mann and the Publishing Clearing House prize team with the balloons and that big check. “I’ve been waiting for you,” I screamed.
Of course he was tickled by my enthusiasm. I’m back in commission baby! One day without my cell phone was like… like… I can’t describe it. Not that I talk on it THAT much, but I thought of people I needed to contact for this or that, and couldn’t! That information was buried in my busted phone, like lost treasure. Arg! (In my best pirate voice).
I went foraging for my cell phone before last. It was nowhere to be found. I forgot, my son the cell phone terminator, used it. He is the absolute WORST when it comes to keeping a phone in good condition. He has run through about 10 in a year and a half. Seriously! Then I went scavenging for my old phone book. Arg! Another buried treasure, with no map! I’m screwed.
Great idea alert, ding, ding, ding. Email everyone, explain my situation, and have them email me their phone numbers quicker than right now, and faster than right away. My mission is to buy, and record all the numbers I collect, store it a safe place, and leave a map to it!
If you are a friend, or family member, or someone who has called me in the past year-and- a-half, and you are reading this post, please email me your numbers, or call me. I need your number!


R3D said...

Could your cell phone company not just download your address book from your busted phone to the new one??

Café Chick said...

I used to remember everything: phone numbers, birthdays, appointments, dates ... then I realised that there were tools that could help me do this instead. Enter my first cell phone and it was all downhill from there for my memory.
Until something like this happens. I use a SIM card and breathe a sigh of relief every time my phone falls out of my car or gets splashed with something. They are invaluable!

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