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Friday, May 29, 2009

I've Been Under House Arrest!

The past few weeks I haven’t written one post. I’ve been under house arrest!

May 15, I turned in the last of my grades, and was relieved to have at least a couple weeks break. Since then, my roles have been wifey, and mom. I’ve cooked just about every day, having dinner ready by 4:30, and a couple of occasions 3:30. Not only have I been cooking dinner, I’ve made cookies, two cakes, and a home made peach cobbler.

My wifey/mom duties have extended beyond the kitchen. I’ve washed, washed, washed and washed more clothes. Our dirty clothes hamper is a never ending pit. It’s not like washing is anything new. With a family as large as mine, I don’t have a certain day to wash clothes. That’s an every day chore. With more time at home, I’ve washed more than usual.

Last week alone, I was at the kids schools (4), for two awards assembly’s, a basket ball game, taking the home work left on the kitchen table, meeting with a counselor, and a financial aid pow-wow at the university. That doesn’t include dropping off, and picking up at three different schools, or ball games, practices, and meetings after hours!

That first week when Mr. Husband came home and dinner was waiting, and his favorite cookies were coming out of the oven, the house smelled like clean clothes, he smiled. “You see what you could have if I was at home full time.” I said.

I was joking, and he knows that. There is way more work at home, than at work!!! I’ve enjoyed cooking, cleaning, and running around. My family seemed to have appreciated my efforts. June 1, I’m starting my summer job, and looking forward to it.

Today, I’m freeing myself from house arrest, writing a little bit, and posting. I might even treat myself to lunch.


Chaotically Calm said...

Dang...don't you want to come over to my house and sprinkle a little of that mom juice. Goodness the last time I had my mom over I was waiting on her hand and foot. Of course it was mothers' day so it was to be expected. I can't remember the last time my mom made a cookie. Ah those were the days. Anywho I hope you do treat yourself to some lunch you def deserve it.

Chaotically Calm said...

Oops I forgot to say welcome back :-D

Café Chick said...

House arrest - I love the term! I go through phases when I think about the domestic goddess I could become. That is, until I remind myself that I'm not particularly good at it ... oh well!

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