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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A First At 40

As indicated in my post “My Mother’s Day Wish List,” all I wanted was a manicure and a pedicure. I got my wish!

Friday, Mr. Husband took me for a manicure, and my very first pedicure. I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling! In all of my 40 Years, I have NEVER had a pedicure.

I was lead to a massage chair, where I was directed to place my feet in the footbath of warm slightly sudsy water. Sitting there I struggled to read my notes from the “31 Day Challenge to Build a Better Blog,” Finally, I had to yield to the relaxation that was overcoming me. I put my paper and pen down, and enjoyed the full experience!

My toenails were clipped, and the bottom of my feet shaved. OMG! I thought since I had used a pedegg, all the cheese from my feet had been removed. (See “A Cheese Grater For Your Feet”
I was hoping no one was looking at my foot crap, like I watched the lady’s in the next spa chair. Gross!!!

Next came the sugar exfoliating rub, and the pumice stone. It tickled a bit, but I hung in there. Afterwards, Brian, my Asian mani/pedi – curist, massaged my feet and legs with the creamiest lotion/cream. Who cares what it was, it felt great! I was ready for a nap, he was working his magic.

Scanning a mental calendar in my head, I searched to find a date for my next pedicure. I remembered an article I’d recently read on how to save money. One way was to cut out an addiction, or costly habits. I not a shop-aholic, don’t smoke, or don’t drink. Well, I don’t drink alcohol. I do consume quiet a bit of Coca-Cola. Figuring if I cut back on a few Cokes a week, I could pay for a manicure a month.

Reality set in… am I ready to give up Coke for pedicures? I’ll get back to you on that!

Mr. magic hands, Brian finished the pedicure by giving my toes a French polishing. I’m not one who thinks feet are pretty. For crying out loud, they’re feet! We walk around on them, and stuff them in shoes. Pretty? Not.

Like an ugly person, you can dress feet up, and make them look nice. My feet look near pretty.

This summer, I will be a toes bearing, sandal wearing mama!


Café Chick said...

I'm so glad to hear you got some pampering for Mother's Day! Now you'll have to keep up the routine so you can proudly wear sandals and open-toe shoes this summer. :-)

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