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Friday, February 13, 2009

I refuse to be gray!

Like members of my family, on my mother’s side, I’m graying early. And I don’t like it one bit! I refuse to be gray at 40.

Gray is a tell-tell sign of being older than you look. I don’t look or feel like a 40 year old. I would say I’m more like 26 years old. I want to look the age I feel. So, gray be gone!

A year ago, I dyed my hair blonde. I wanted something different, as well as cover the gray. I accomplished both, and loved it. Now that the color has all grown out, and been cut away, I am stuck with a gray streak in the front, and a scattering all over. Not for long!

In the past month, I rinsed my hair with a black and a brown, on two separate occasions. The color didn’t cover the gray completely either time. Now, I have to pull out the big guns, the PERMENENT stuff! The gray has gotta go! Permanent colors are really the only way to completely cover gray hair, according to InStyle Magazine’s “Getting Gorgeous.”

All I have to do now is decide if I want to be blonde, black, light brown, or auburn. Clairol, L’Oreal, Covergirl, Revlon, Tones & Textures… there are so many to choose from. Surely, one of them will rid me of “The Gray.”

We’ll see what happens!


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