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Monday, February 2, 2009

No pill thing-a-ma-jigs; I’m only 40

A few months ago, I had a terrible scare. Headed to a meeting 45 minutes away, I did my normal, “Did I take my medicine today?” That led me to a mental recount of taking my daily medicines.

Whew, I remembered taking it. Then… I thought about exactly when… and uh-oh. I think I took two doses of the blood pressure medicine.

Immediately, I called my Dr.’s office. She wasn’t in, and the nurse wasn’t available. My next response was to call every nurse I know, and had a number for. No one answered, and I left messages all over the place.

Finally, I got a nurse at the Family Practice. I told her what I was taking, and the dosage. She said I should be fine. The worst thing that could happen is, my blood pressure dropping too low, getting dizzy, and to passing out. “If you start getting dizzy, get to a hospital.”

Of course, I was fine, without incident. Today, I still haven’t figured out if I actually took an extra dose. Later a friend and I laughed about it. She suggested I get one of those pill cases. It’s clearly divided and marked S, M, T, W, TH, F, S, for each day of the week.

No way! I’m not having it! I’m just 40, not 70. My grandmother had one of those things. That’s for people who can’t remember taking their meds. “That’s the problem you’re having,” she reminded me.

I absolutely REFUSE to use the pill-thing-a-ma-jig! It’s not like I’m taking a whole regimen of drugs, just three. I’ll figure something out.

So far, I’ve tried a few different things. When I wake up in the morning, I take my Synthroid, and set the blood pressure meds out on the counter. Once I take them, I put them up. If the medicine is still on the counter, I know I haven’t taken it. That seems to be working for now. I have to admit, there’s been at least a half dozen times I didn’t move the bottle, after taking the medicine. I can say, I haven’t over dosed. It seems to be working for me.

When I get be 70, I might consider one of those pill thing-a-ma-jigs, and only if it’s cute.


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