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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Living Life to the Fullest

Just one month ago, I turned 40. Wahooooo! Before the big day, I was making a list of things to do to celebrate the whole year of being 40. Not just to celebrate being 40, but celebrate me! I want to do something’s I've never done before, and some I never knew I wanted to do. The point is, I want to live life to the fullest! When I get to where I can't do, or can't go, my list of "I wish I had done," should be very short!
All too often we tell our children, spouses, and ourselves, I can't, or we can't because of money, gas, and my personal favorite, "I've gotta work." And before you know it, life has passed us by. The funny thing is, we've forgotten to notice things around us. Like the house on the corner has changed colors. And it's been that color for years!Having kids is no excuse not to do something. Conquer your fears, do something out of the ordinary. Hell, just do something. My first something was to pierce the cartilage of my ear. My son said no to the nose ring! LOL. I plan on climbing Mt. Magazine, Arkansas' highest mountain. But before I tackle that, I will climb Pinnacle Mountain. Mt list is getting longer and longer!
My 11 year old daughter has no idea how much I admire her. She's strong willed, and when she puts her mind to something she's not stopping until it's done. And she never backs down from a challenge. She broke her wrist, and got a black eye on separate occasions, due to a boy challenging her. She has wanted to break or set a record for a couple of years now. And together we will set/break one. She's also said, she will someday be a millionaire. And I believe her! She's driven!
I don't want to just live life to the fullest for one year. I will for the rest of my life! There have been people my age, and younger dieing lately. And I wonder, what is it they never got to do? When it comes my time, my obituary will sing of what all I've done, and tried to do. Life's too short to be a by-stander, watching it go by. Jump in the game, and get some of it.Live life to the fullest!!!


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