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Friday, September 26, 2008

Purge, Growth & Renewal

Outside jumping rope this morning, I noticed the leaves on the walnut tree, in our front yard, are starting to turn yellow on the very end. Although it’s still September, and this is Arkansas, that tree is starting to prepare for its dormant period, and its subsequent renewal next spring.

As I continued to jump rope, I marveled at that tree, and God’s scheme of things. A tree knows when to let go and purge, making ready for growth and a revival in the months to come.

Still jumping, I started to think about my own life, and what I needed to shed and purge. I can start with pounds (the reason I was out jumping roping in the first place), old clothes and clutter. Moving on I considered finances, personal issues, and people.

We have a lot of trees around our house. Not just five or six, more like 22 in the front yard alone, (yes I counted). And in one week’s time there can be so many leaves! When we first bought our house, every Saturday during the fall, our whole family would get out rake the front and back yards, with an end result of dozens of leaf filled bags, and an entire day spent. And by next Saturday, there were just as many leaves or more than the week before. That lasted one season, the next fall my husband was prepared with a mower with a mulcher, and a bag to catch.

Now I’m considering how I can start a little bit at a time, letting go of finances, personal issues, and people that I should have purged a long time ago. The weight, well I’m jumping rope, and the clutter and clothes I might need a dumpster!

Some of my finance and personal issues, I’ve carried for so long they feel like a limb. When it comes to people, I’ve always been a people pleaser, and thought, if I let them go, what does that say about me? For the most part, I no longer care!

As the leaves start to change colors this fall, I will do the same about my attitude towards my weight and health, and getting rid of old clothes and clutter. I will also shake off the finances, personal issues, and the people that are hindering my growth. I’m bagging it all up, and sitting it on the curb for pickup.

When spring comes, I’ll blossom, and welcome brand new potential.


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