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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've Been To The Mountain Top

On my list of 40 things to do, as part of my yearlong celebration of being 40 years old, is to climb Pinnacle Mountain. This summer I tried to plan a date something always came up. I got this great idea couple of weeks ago. I was just going to “Do It,” climb Pinnacle Mountain, after my Dr.’s appointment. And that’s just what I did, my daughter Jasmine, joined me.

The weekend prior I had some issues with my blood pressure, and my back, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I didn’t even tell my husband, for fear he’d try to be the voice of reason, and talk me out of it. Not a chance. I was going all the way!

At the bottom of the trail, there was a sign, “Take Plenty of Water.” Neither one of us had any. “We’ll be okay,” my daughter said. I agreed, and we struck out. We took the West Summit Trail, which I thought the degree of difficulty was moderate, but later realized it is strenuous. It was a rocky, 1.5 mile winding trail.

On the way up there are markers 1 – 10, letting you know how close, or far away, you were from the summit. We started out walking pretty fast, and I was in the lead, almost running away from Jasmine. About marker 3, I knew we should have gotten water. But I was okay, and determined to get it done!

Did I mention the trail was rocky? As we climbed higher, the rocks got bigger, turning into boulders, literally! About marker 5, I had to rest a few times, and slowed down considerably. Jasmine was then leading. Still, I was as determined more so to finish what I started.

Around marker 7, sitting again, Jasmine suggested going back down. No way! I was more than half way there. I had to finish. Out of breath, dehydrated, and having eaten little to nothing, it was tempting.

About marker 8, we had to use our hands to stable ourselves, just to take the next step higher. As I sat, yet again, I started to think, who was I fooling? I was considering give in, say I did, and don’t finish. Leaning forward, Lady Fortitude hung, swinging around my neck. I said out loud, “I have fortitude,” (STRENGTH.) I got up, and the two of us finished the climb.

It was beautiful! The view was great too.

The two of us finished a task that was more difficult than we realized. And when wanting to quit, drawing on the inner strength, and determination helped me accomplish something I’ve wanted to do for a while. If I had not finished, gone to the top, I’d think about, “What if.” At this stage in my life, I want my list of “What if’s,” to be very short, and to me not finishing would have meant quitting. Quitting is so not an option. There is so much I want to do, and quitting means, I’d just have to come back to it later.
March 18, 2007, I started my weight loss journey. Starting at 160 pounds, with a goal weight of 140, today I weigh 147. I’ve sat down quite a few times, and have gotten real close to my goal. But I just haven’t made it all the way. I can even visualize myself being there, and my blood pressure being in a normal range, without as much medicine.

My climb up Pinnacle Mountain was more of a jumping off, to get back on track with my weight, and health goals. If I can climb that mountain, thirsty, hungry, and somewhat afraid of heights, surely I can tackle seven more pounds, and this monster of high blood pressure. Surely.

I’m getting up. I’m going to finish what I’ve started, and meet my goal weight. I have seven full weeks before Homecoming 2008. I’ll see you at the summit!


Anita Cegers-Coleman said...

Truly inspiring. :-)

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